Tonia (freckledphreak) wrote,

Stolen without remorse from one of my awesome and lovely lj friends!

It's LJ potluck time! My friend, jvmatucha did this over on his own journal. I thought it was awesome, so I'm stealing it. It's also a poll. Twice as much fun, right?

Poll #1708188 LJ Potluck

What are we all noming on as we stand around and chat idley and gossip about one another?

And once we sit down around the table, what's our main course?

Praytell, what are we drinking with all this delicious food?

No dinner party is complete without dessert! What will it be?

I don't think it's as clever as his was, but it'll do. I promise substance soon(ish).
Tags: horked!, poll, random nonsense
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