Tonia (freckledphreak) wrote,

I'm chillin on a dirt road, laidback, swervin like I'm George Jones....

My child has his Lorde CD on repeat very loudly in his room. When I walked into the house from work, I wondered how he could sleep through such a ruckus, but then I remembered that I did the same thing at his age and many years after. Then I immediatly felt old for feeling like his music was to loud.

I got my promotion at work. I'm now officially an overnight relief manager. No more shitty second shift. Nice quiet peaceful third shift. Also the bonus of getting to see all the pretty off to work in the plants, offshore, river.... some mornings it gets down right beautiful in my store. God bless blue collar men. I don't know why that's so attractive to me, but there is something about a man that does some sort of job that involves manuel labor. Well I do, but I'm not trying to make this that kind of post. haha.

But now my brain is there and so I'm going to cut this post short. Until next time LJ.....

Also, Jason Aldean is hot.
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